2020 Nominees

Nominees for Lux Service Award, Servant Leader Award and Outstanding Student Leader Award

The Lux Service Award is the most prestigious award given to graduating senior students each academic year to acknowledge the culmination of their overall involvement. Recipients consistently go above and beyond, leaving a lasting legacy upon graduation. 

The Servant Leader Award recognizes those who have worked for the common good while putting the needs of others first.

The Outstanding Student Leader Award is designed to recognize students who have demonstrated dedication and leadership through their involvement in one or more campus activities.


*The following candidates were considered for one, two, or all three of these awards. The asterisk denotes students who were finalists.

Abby Steil*
Adalberto Castrejon*
Addy Foertsch*
Alan Beving
Alisanne Struck
Alladin Dafalla
Allison Eagan*
Allison Noggle*
Amela Music*
Anna Sagan
Annie Mittelstadt
Anthony Richmond
Ashley Graham
Austin Korynta
Autumn Gerber
Bailey Tinderholt
Bennett Gorkow
Bethany Jacoby
Bethany Schillinger
Caleb Gipple
Caroline Hunkele
Catherine Rottinghaus
Chad Schafer*
Chet Adams
Damond Jones
Danielle Anderson*
Daniella Guerrero
Danny Jacobo
Elle Boeding*
Emily McDermott*
Emmet Cory*
Estefania Ravasio
Ethan Tanner
Faith Aruwan
Farhan Bin Amjad*
Habib Ullah
Hailey Huggins*

Hannah Ackerman
Hannah Luce*
Hugh Zehr*
Isaak Espersen*
Jack Murphy
Jacob Levang*
Jacob Manderscheid
Jacob Stites
Jameka Mosley*
Jaqueline Hicks
Jayde Guinan
Kailee Robben
Kaitlyn Simchak
Kara Hooper
Kate Flaherty
Kayla Hoeger
Kaylee Anderson*
Keely Fiedler
Kelsey Minor
Kelsy Van Aalsburg
Kendal Doerr
Kevin Kiesel
Kiersten Steinke
Kimberly Cavalier*
Kimberly Moothart
Kristin Michel
Kyle Sayre
Laito Zarkpah
Laura Roman Jiminez
Lauren Thomson
Lindsey Dinkla*
London Sadler
Mackenzie Meisenheimer
Maddie Bebber
Madison Davis
Madison Sallee
Mahlia Brown*

Marcus Jackson*
Marisa Willenborg
Marlon Jackson*
Max Tensen
Megan Lenstra*
Montesha Carter*
Morganne Borsh*
Mustafa Akbar
NeiAira Burt*
Nick Savage
Nicole Goodman*
Ochuko Avwunuma
Paris Haywood
Pratik Poudel*
Rachel Greene
Ricki Grover
Ricki Hall
Ryan Frank*
Sam Hughes
Samantha Goodman
Sami Schupanitz
Sanduni Agampodi*
Sara Goodman
Sarah Rasing
Sarah Ritondale*
Sarah Roemer*
Sashay Carroll*
Sergio Osornio
Stephanie Dunkel
Sydney Cindrich
Tabitha Zarazinski
Taylor Harris
Taylor Shipley
Taylor Westphal
Van Tran
Yadira Guzman


























Finalists for the Diversity Matters Award

The Diversity Matters Award is presented in recognition of dedication and service to the University of Northern Iowa in advancement of its diversity-related goals.

Abigail Chagolla

Caleb Gehle

Hayle Calvin

Lindsay Kearns

Mahlia Brown

NeiAira Burt

Nick Johnson

Sashay Carroll

Nominees for the NISG Above and Beyond Awards

These awards are given by students to recognize faculty and staff for their commitment to student development and success. Two awards will be given out, one focusing on student learning and the other on student success. 

Student Success Award

Connie Hansen

Lynne Lemert

Student Learning Award

Dr. Alison Cox

Daniel Lynch

Dr. Daniel Power

Dr. Elizabeth Zwanziger

Eric Braley

Dr. Mason Kuhn

Nichole Harken

Dr. Robert Dise

Nominees for the Mental Health Ally Award

Mental Health Ally Award recognizes an individual, program, organization or department that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mental health advocacy.

Courtney Westvold

Justin Moody

Make the Change

Panhellenic Council

Ricki Hall

Riley Rodemaker

Rita Nisius

Sarah Rasing

You Matter Week at UNI (presented by UNI Counseling Center)

Finalists for the Dr. Sue Follon Scholarship for Women in Leadership

This scholarship recognizes students for their leadership contributions during their tenure at UNI and potential to model leadership for women.

Ayah Al-Durazi

Clara Peterson

Elle Boeding

Maya Jess

Nominees for the Greek 360 Award

This award is intended to recognize a member of the UNI Fraternity & Sorority Life community who also is an outstanding member of other student organizations on campus and contributes to the community.

Abby Ihlenfedlt, Gamma Phi Beta

Adalberto Castrejon, Lambda Theta Phi
Latin Fraternity, Inc.

Allison Eagan, Gamma Phi Beta

Austin Flynn, Pi Kappa Alpha

Grant Tiarks, Pi Kappa Alpha

Hugh Zehr, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Jayde Guinan, Gamma Phi Beta

Jenna Hoover, Alpha Xi Delta

Karly Cook, Alpha Phi

Kennedy Chapman, Gamma Phi Beta

Kristin Michel, Alpha Delta Pi

Lauren Scholbrock, Alpha Xi Delta

Maddie Chilton, Alpha Xi Delta

Marley Millar, Alpha Delta Pi

Megan Umbdenstock, Alpha Delta Pi

Molly Keyes, Alpha Sigma Tau

Nick Savage, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Trinity Kellenberger, Gamma Phi Beta

Nominees for Student Organization of the Year

This award is designed to recognize a student organization that has exemplified excellence among its peers in the dedication and development of its members, and its contributions to the campus community and beyond.

Alpha Delta Pi

Campus Activities Board

Connecting Alumni to Students

Dance Marathon

Gamma Phi Beta

International Student Promoters

International Students in Business

Make the Change

Muslim Students Association

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Panther Pantry

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Women in Business







Nominees for the Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award is designed to recognizes the student organization which exemplifies inclusive excellence and a commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion at UNI.

African Union

Black Student Union

Campus Activities Board

International Student Promoters

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.

Muslim Students Association

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.





Most Promising New Student Organization

This award is designed to recognize a new student organization that has demonstrated significant motivation, creativity, innovation, and perseverance.

College of Education Student Ambassadors

Fishing Club

Leadership and Management Association

Multicultural Theatrical Society

Panther Pantry

Transfer Advocacy and Involvement Group



Student Organization Program of Distinction

This award is designed to recognize significant achievements by student organizations in the planning and presentation of programs.

Cats Helping Kittens (presented by National Residence Hall Honorary - Panther Pride Chapter)

Run Like a Mother 5k Run/Walk (presented by Women in Business)

Sexual Assault Awareness Week (presented by Sigma Phi Epsilon)


Toiletries with TAIG (presented by Transfer Advocacy and Involvement Group)

Waka Flocka Flame Concert (presented by Campus Activites Board)

World Hijab Day (presented by Muslim Students Association)

Young Women in Leadership Conference (presented by Women in Business)






Outstanding President in a Student Organization

This award recognizes a student organization president who has played a major role in the development and execution of their student organization.

Allison Noggle

Andrew Welden

Ashlyn Osborn

Aubri Keesee

Bethany Jacoby

Brielle Beck

Dejah Covington

Drake Robert Oswald

Estefania Corrales

Faith Aruwan

Guadalupe Galvez-Rodriguez

Hannah Hoth

Kelbey Barbadillo

Kenna Lundy

Kimberly Cavalier

Kristin Michel

Lexie Warth

Luma Yasin

Mackenzie Meisenheimer

Marcus Buttweiler

Marisa Willenborg

Montana Hart

Muhammad Shamir Butt

Sanduni Silva

Taylor Harris











Outstanding Officer in a Student Organization

This award recognizes a student organization officer who provides exemplary service, commitment, and strong leadership to their student organization and UNI.

Alisa Altman

Amela Music

Cheyenne Voshell

Cierra Robinson

Daniella Guerrero

Dayten Wittenburg

Dylan Parker

Eric Ramos

Erin Pint

Hannah Fountain

Isaiah Finan

Kari Coulter

Katelyn Brockmeyer

Lauren Cummings

Lauren Galvin

Leila Masinovic

Lilah Flickinger

Madison Davis

Madison Sallee

Patten Tody

Samantha Soni

Sami Schupanitz

Sarah Garland

Shelby Frederick

Taylor Shipley

Trinity Hopkey

Van Tran

Zoella Sneed











Most Promising New Leader in a Student Organization

This award is designed to recognize a member in a student organization that has demonstrated emerging leadership in the organization, a commitment to developing his/her leadership ability, and has exceeded the expectations of the membership of the organization. 

Abigail Saathoff

Alli Crump

Anthony Lubbinga

Autumn Stowe

Baylee Smith

Blair Wolinski

Breanna Kilburg

Courtney Westvold

Elma Dizdarevic

Emily Scott

Gerardo Daniel Jacobo

Grace Wenisch

Nicole Hassenstab

Olivia Crouse

Parker Pose

Payton Hall

Pearly Ng

Raquel Zehr

Samantha Goodman









Student Organization Advisor of the Year

This award is designed to recognize a student organization advisor who has excelled and exemplified outstanding service, dedication, and leadership to the organization to distinguish itself.

Haley Johnson

Jenny Connolly

Jim Bray

Juana Hollingsworth

Katie Hillyer

Dr. Kristi Marchesani

Kristina Kofoot

Leslie Prideaux

Dr. Mark Myers

Dr. Mickey Mack

Mike Weiglein

Quinn Moran

Dr. Russell Guay

Steffoni Schmidt

Steven Sajkich

Suzanne Dripps